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Document Tracking System Demo Version

Document Tracking System is a web based application exclusively designed for Indian Railways Accounts Department for keeping track of each document submitted to the department. Upon submission, system generates a unique Document ID and the same can be used for the entire cycle of movement of the file for tracking. Concerned department heads will get an SMS alert of the change in status of the document from time to time. Sr.DFM/DFM can keep track of process through which the document passes in any section and the remarks being logged by independent Section Officers. A record of pending document with reason and the section in which it is pending can be monitored by the senior officers of the Accounts department.

Implementation of this system ensures speedy and sequential movement of the document according to the predefined priority setting. The intelligent SOPGEN Search option ensures SOPGEN power tracking and correct reference of SOPGEN. Balance under annual ceiling limits in terms of various SOPGEN items can be effectively monitored through the system. This system facilitates analysis of documents department wise thereby enabling the accounts department to escalate its performance to a higher level within existing infrastructure.

Main features of the system are narrated below
Receive Documents
Initially receive document in dispatch section. Document details will be entered in DTS. DTS will allot unique &self described ID to the document. Data entry operators will hand over the document to the concerned section.
Pending Documents
Ready list of pending documents with concerned section is available here.
Track Documents
Easy tracking of documents with current status of the document
All Documents
Section and type wise status of all documents.
Management Reports
Following Reports for Top Management are available on Fingertips anywhere & anytime.
·         Department wise Summary Report
·         Section wise summary Report
·         Date wise Summary Report
·         Month wise Summary Report
·         Dispatched status Summary Report
·         Document Sub-group Summary Report
·         Savings Summary Report
·         Saving Detailed Report
·         Open and Closed documents
·         Section wise analysis report
·         Department wise analysis report
·         Document type wise analysis report
·         SOPGEN Item wise Balance report for any time
·         SOPGEN Reports
·         Financial Year SOPGEN Balance Report
·         Period wise SOPGEN Balance Report
All SOPGENs available on finger tips. No need to handle any type of paper.
Search Document
Searching of documents with whole account office.
Delete Document
Deletion of documents with specific reasons and tracking of the deleted records
DTS Mail
Intercom mailing system between users.
Write Post
Write blog/post by controlling officers for entire department
View Post
Read posts regarding daily activity/Target by Sr.Officials.
User Profile
User can update their profiles for receiving emails and SMS alert
Create User
Creation of users by allotting specific management privileges of the system
Configuration page includes all the master setting for the system to run. Like name of departments, Sections , Type of Documents, Dispatch status (Calculation methods for Deposit work and other type)
All other type of master tables are configured here.
Add/Edit/Update your SOPGEN one time only.
Edit SOPGEN power as per correction slips.
Re-Open Document
All closed documents can be Re-opened by giving Specific Reasons.